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April 29, 2005

Rich with Antioxidants, Thyme Reportedly Helps Prevent Cancer and Diabetes

Topics: Nutrition and Cancer

According to a recent report, the spice Thyme has antioxidants that can help prevent cancer, and diabetes and can lower cholesterol.

Erciyes University, Department of Food Engineering Lecturer Osman Sagdıc said that Origanum, Thymus, Thy-mbra, Saturaje, Sideritis and the Salvia species of Thyme intensely cultivated in Turkey, and this type of thymes are very goodfor health. Sagdıc pointed out that research has revealed that thyme can be used to kill vermin and said: "Thyme carries many advantages to health through binding free radicals, which are secreted from cells, via ingredients that it contains. The ingredients of thyme develop cell protecting systems in the body and therefore has antioxidant features, it is has anti-cancer causing and an anti-diabetic abilities as it hinders the formation of cancerous cells and prevents diabetes in body and it reduces cholesterol in the body therefore it carries anti cholesterol features as well. Apart from these health giving properties, thyme also has anti-aging, and prevents tumor from forming, helps diabetes, and hampers and is a natural food preservative."


According to Garden Guides, Thyme has a strong piquant or lemony flavor. For fresh use, the flavor is best just before flowering. Enhance the flavor of meat, fish and poultry dishes with thyme. For chicken and fish marinades, bruise fresh sprigs of thyme and tarragon, and combine with red-wine vinegar and olive oil. Use in herb butters and cottage cheese.

The only question is how much thyme must be consumed to actually make a health related difference?

Hat tip - Diabetologica

Posted by Richard at April 29, 2005 11:56 AM

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