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July 15, 2005

Afternoon Roundup of Interesting Blog Reads

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Another eclectic blend of some of the more interesting blog reads in the sphere today....

In the Bull Pen has some good news about a big win for the Department of Defense and the Bush Administration today, as the legality of the Gitmo tribunals were upheld by a federal appeals court.

American Future posts on Victor Davis Hanson in today's National Review Online, on divisions in the West, yesterday and today: "... it is not true to say that Western civilization is at war against Dark Age Islamism. Properly speaking, only about half of the West is involved"

Captain's Quarters writes on the good news that despite initial widespread skepticism about the timeline for the Iraqi constitution, it will now arrive on time.

Arthur Chrenkoff goes off on Islamofascisim and starts with Gerard Baker's, "Suppose we'd never invaded Iraq, and terrorists had blown up London in pursuit of their cause, what would the apologists have said about last week's attacks?" Blame it on Israel!

Digger's Realm is all over a group openly taking action to restrain the ability of the U.S. military to do its job in a time of war. Where? Where else but in San Francisco. The place ought to be called Moonbatville.

Wizbang thinks we need to take better care of freedom's canary in the coal mine, in his "Screw the Jews, they don't matter anyway."

California Yankee writes on a Chinese general saying on Thursday that China is prepared to use nuclear weapons against the U.S. if China is attacked by the U.S. during a confrontation over Taiwan.

JackLewis.Net goes in Defense of Rick Santorum and tells us who 'gets it' and who doesn't.

Nickie Goomba has the scoop on Live8 being all rock and no action. But those African dictators are lovin-it.

Solomonia tells us about "Free Muslim on Aljazeerah to Discuss Muslim Response to Terrorism," and them getting it right. The position of the Free Muslims Coalition is that the Muslim leadership has not done their fair share in fighting extremism and support for terrorism.

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