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July 12, 2005

Morning Roundup of Interesting Blog Reads

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Here's an eclectic blend of some of the more interesting blog reads in the sphere this morning.

Drink This: A 'yesterday's post' that's a great state by state round-up on 'Rounding Up the Immigrants." Drink This writes, "So, while I have everyone's attention due to the release of the Center for Immigration Studies' Births to Immigrants in America Report, I intend to take full advantage of this..." (HT - California Conservative)

Arthur Chrenkoff: A must read of the day, the latest column by David Aaronovitch in the London "Times": "If we don't provoke them, maybe they will leave us alone.' You reckon so?" Aaronovitch goes on a gentle rampage trashing one leftie canard after another, starting with the hypocrisy of people who today claim that involvement in Iraq has distracted us from hunting terrorists in Afghanistan, but who three years ago were against invasion of Afghanistan in the first place, because it would inflame Muslim opinion. (as always, the comments at Chrenkoff are as interesting as the issue)

Jawa Report: A 'last night's' post, but well worth reading(more like seeing - it's mostly images). "A video has emerged connecting the London bombing to Islamist forces. ... There are numerous images of the bombing (terrorist's perspective) at his site and many to download). (HT - InTheBullPen)

Jihad Watch: In "Moderate Muslim held over Bali bomb link," Robert Spencer writes, "Another reason to regard Muslim condemnations of terrorism coming in the wake of the London bombing with at least a measure of suspicion." From AAP..

Scared Monkeys: posts on Natalee Holloway in "“They Buried Natalee in the neighborhood of Fishermen huts," which indeed, could be a bombshell if the story holds up. "According to information that DIARIO is receiving, when Joran van der Sloot was detained he started crying during interrogation and he even told officers that they buried Natalee in the neighborhood of Fishermenhuts [sic]."

Riehl World View: blogging on the Natalee Holloway 'Fishermenhuts' story, has some cold water to throw on the rumors. (as to the confession story, I agree with one of Dan's commenters; "... if it were factual, then why hasn't the Aruban police thoroughly checked out this area? How did the cadaver dogs fail to alert in is area? For that matter, how come the Texas team was not directed to this specific area? We have too many questions for this confession to be credible.) But of course, I wouldn't be surprised about anything at this point.

American Warmonger: asks "Is freedom of the press hurting our soldiers?"

Dummocrats: writes "The other day I compared Islamofascists to toddlers having a temper tantrum. That got me to thinking about how the nannies from Fox's Nanny 911 would deal with unruly terrorists. Is it possible to apply their 11 Commandments to the War on Terror? Well, I'm going to give it a try."

Scrappleface: (Satire) Rove Resigns Over Ignorance of Plame's Name; Mr. Rove's long political career came to a shameful end when his attorney was forced to admit that in 2003 the White House political advisor didn't even know the name of the wife of former ambassador Joe Wilson, nor what she did in her job at the CIA.

The Volokh Conspiracy: Were the London bombings suicide bombings? The question whether the London attacks were done by suicide bombers or instead by bombs on timers is an interesting one. The early suspicion that they were suicide bombings quickly changed to a tentative consensus that the bombings were on timers, the primary evidence being that the 3 bombs in the Underground were exploded within a minute of the others. On the day after the bombing, Debka.com took a different view on several points... (this is a very good read)

Look for updates during the day ...

Companion post at Hyscience.

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