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December 15, 2005

New Generation Of CT Medical Scanners Put X-ray Images In The Shade

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pet_scan_cancer.jpgCT scans provide what is essentially a three-dimensional X-ray of a patient. Hospitals in both the US and UK are now increasingly using the scans in combination with positron emission tomography, or PET, which reveals biochemical activity, enabling doctors to image cancers which are invisible to a CT scan alone.

... BREATHTAKING images of the insides of living patients have been taken using a new generation of medical scanners.

... The latest computed tomography (CT) scanners are so fast that they can capture the first completely sharp, three-dimensional pictures of a beating heart.

... You cannot take a snapshot of early-stage cancer because it looks like the normal tissue around it. But chemically it is behaving differently in the way that it is metabolising glucose. PET tells us what is going on and CT tells us where it's at."

PET is a procedure that is able to detect small cancerous tumors, and also subtle changes in the brain and heart. This enables physicians to treat these diseases earlier and more accurately than if they waited for the results from other detection modalities.

A PET scan puts time on your side! The earlier the diagnosis, the better the chance for successful treatment. If you have cancer, a PET scan offers you the opportunity for your physician to learn what's really going on with your disease, and how best to treat it.

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