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July 13, 2007

Antibody Inhibits Growth And Induces Death In Liver Cancer Cells

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Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine report a significant new advance in the search for an effective treatment for human liver cancer in the July issue of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.

liver%20cancer.jpgIn what could lead to the first targeted therapy for liver cancer in humans, the investigators obtained rat and human liver cancer cell lines and analyzed them for level of expression of an RTK (receptor tyrosine kinase) protein known as platelet-derived growth factor receptor-alpha, or PDGFRá, and then analyzed the cells for their level of activation of the PDGFRá gene.

After finding that the level of expression of PDGFRá was 37 times higher compared to later stages of development in the adult mouse liver compared to levels in the early fetal stage of liver development in the mouse, and that there were significantly higher levels of PDGFRá in rat and human liver cancer cell lines as compared to normal cells in culture, they then treated human and mouse liver cancer cell lines with a monoclonal antibody targeted against PDGFRá.

The treatment resulted in a significant decrease in tumor cell proliferation and a marked increase in tumor cell death. All tumor cell lines experienced significant decreases in proliferation in response to the monoclonal antibody and there was a 4- to 18-fold increase in programmed cell death (apoptosis), among the cancer cell lines compared to normal control cells. According to Satdarshan P. Singh Monga, M.D., associate professor, division of cellular and molecular pathology and colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, these results suggest that PDGFRá offers an important new therapeutic target for the treatment of hepatocellular cancer cell lines. (Continue reading: Antibody Retards Growth And Induces Death In Liver Cancer Cells)

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