February 2011

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February 10, 2011

Drinking Daily Diet Soda Linked to Heart Disease, Stroke Risk

Those diet sodas you drink every day may be cutting down on calories, new research suggests that they also might be boosting your risk of heart disease and stroke: In a nine-year study of more than 2,500 people, those... ... more

Posted at 5:44 PM

February 9, 2011

Study: Lack of Sleep Found to Be a New Risk Factor for Colon Cancer

Inadequate sleep has been associated with higher risks of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and death. Now, according to the results of a new study, you add colon cancer to the list. ScienceDaily reports: In a ground-breaking new study published in... ... more

Posted at 4:42 PM

A 'Vegetable Viagra'?

Is there really such a thing as a "vegetable Viagra" that can boost a man's attractiveness to women AND increase his lovemaking ability? Well, apparently there is indeed such a vegetable - it's celery. And it costs a heck of... ... more

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February 8, 2011

Adolescent Female Facebook Users More Prone To Eating Disorders

Although I seriously doubt that adolescent female Facebook users learning that using Facebook can result in them having an eating disorder will in any way be detered from using it unabated, nonetheless, a new study, conducted from the University of... ... more

Posted at 8:50 AM